Complete Wedding Ceremony Silver Package - High Click Production

Complete Wedding Ceremony Silver Package


Complete Photography and Videography Silver Package Wedding Ceremony

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Package Name Silver Package Wedding Ceremony
Sagan Ceremony 1 Video Traditional Camera +1 Traditional Still camera.+ 1 Photo candid Camera +1 Cinematic Candid Video.
Mehndi Ceremony 1 Video Camera + 1 Still Camera
Morning Rituals 1 Video Camera + 1 Still Camera
Wedding Ceremony 1 Traditional Video Camera +1 Traditional Still camera + 1 Photo candid +1 Cinematic Candid Video.
Raw data yes
Sheets 75 sheets-2 album
Sheet Dimension ( in inches) 12×30,12×36 , 18×24
Sheet Quality High Glossy, silky matt paper
Nos of photos per sheet 5-6
Photos 375 to 425
Free Gift Photo album cover + 1 couple photo with Frame 20×30 size.
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